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I'm Tomas

Looking for a CV? Great! But… it’s a bit old school. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile, where you can find all the information about me, my skills, projects, or previous jobs. That’s my always up-to-date online CV.

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What I do most of my time


With an eye for detail and a little obsession with the perfection I spend most of my time behind a screen creating some stylish materials and projects.

Web design &

Apart from designing posts, leaflets, posters or visual IDs, I also make websites based on WordPress and Elementor – just like this one!


After my first failed semester in Informatics, I spend my free 6 months looking for something fun to do and believe it or not, I came across a job at Microsoft, which combined my passion for technology with marketing, design & project management! 


Thanks to my amazing colleagues I am able to work with a group of high school students enrolled in skilling program which I co-direct with them.


Sometimes I have an issue to say no, therefore most of the time I end up with a project here and there that I naturally want to lead, or I just come up with my own ones.

Public speaking &

With everything that I have encountered along my way to where I am now, I am always happy to share that to others with some extra tips and knowledge.

The "Me" journey

January 2018

Got accepted into the Microsoft program for high school students.

July 2019

Moved to Microsoft global student program for university students.

September 2020

Became a Program Lead for Student Training Center, Microsoft Slovakia.

June 2021

Accepted a job offer as a CEE Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Surface for Business.

September 2021

Started my studies on Department of Marketing Communications at Comenius University in Bratislava.

February 2023

Moved to a marketing agency ARTAX as Surface Marketing Specialist.

August 2023

Rejoined Microsoft as a CEMA Device Seeding & Go-To-Market (GTM) Manager for Microsoft Surface for Business.

September 2023

Became Marketing Team Lead for Department of Marketing Communications at Comenius University in Bratislava.

January 2024

Founded content marketing agency INITY group.

May 2024

Changed role at Microsoft as a CE Surface Commercial Partner Development Manager.

Music is a part of my life that is important for me as breathing for others. Here is just a little example so you can get a taste of my taste. Whole experience on link below!

More coming soon...

Don't believe me? Ask others

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Education Sales Specialist, Aricoma
Jiří Chytil
CZ/SK Education Device Specialist, Microsoft
Tomáš Koška
CEMA Surface Commercial GTM Lead, Microsoft
Catriona McDonnell
CEMA Surface Commercial Channel Lead, Microsoft

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